5 reasons to use a keyholding service

Key holding

5 reasons to use a keyholding service

Having a professional security company respond to alarm activations reduces any risk and is also a safe alternative to staff key-holders responding every time the alarm is activated or a break-in is detected.

To meet British Standard BS 7984, all keys are stored in our hi-tech key management system. In the event of an alarm being triggered one of our licensed security officers will attend your site, whatever the time, day or location. When responding to an incident, our officers carry out a thorough patrol of your premises to determine the cause of the alarm.

Shield Security has been delivering professional key holding services to both business and residential customers from its Hampshire headquarters for decades. Offering its customers peace of mind, the service is most commonly paired with another of Shield’s other services, Emergency Response.

5 reasons to use a keyholding service

Fast Response time

The response time to an alarm at your premises could be the difference between peace of mind and a major incident

Staff Safety

All our security officers are professional and fully trained to deal with any incidents, meaning you eliminate any risk to the safety of your own staff.


Trust Shield and our SIA licenced security officers to be on site at specified times to unlock and lock the premises and ensure the security of the site and your spare keys.


Outsourcing key holding services ultimately reduces the risk to yourself and your staff in the event of an incident.


Keyholding can be cost effective solution as eliminates the need for placing this responsibility on yourself and your staff, as well as giving you peace of mind for the security of your business.

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