Our Primary Objective is the:

Protection of the public, and private entities against loss, injury and criminal damage.


“To become the leading, independent supplier of security services in the region and beyond.  This will be achieved through strong management with the ability to not only meet but to exceed client’s expectations whilst responding to the changing needs of the market place”


To value our customers through delivery of the best service possible.  This will be achieved by concentrating on Shield Security Services Limited core values, which will enable the sustained growth, and main the success that has been achieved.

Demonstrate a commitment to safety, environment and social responsibilities.

Being open and honest and acting at all times with integrity and transparency.

Embracing diversity and inclusion, enhancing leadership, team work and involvement to engender a culture where staff are loyal and both ambition and talent are nurtured.

Achieve high performance, results and an innovated programme of continual improvement.

Create sustainability long-term commercial partnerships with customers, employees, suppliers and greater community.

Critical Success Factors:


  1. Existing owner of all businesses is actively involved.
  2. Recruitment of a senior experienced security executive in each business already in place.
  3. Strong existing client base.
  4. Good profitability and robust financial management
  5. Effective contract management
  6. Streamline business organisation, Use of good support staff across the business using technology in telephony and computer systems,
  7. 24 hour control and monitoring function based in UK
  8. Strategic business and marketing plan for all three business areas.
  9. Effective targeting across all areas of the businesses sectors.
  10. Quality systems, policy and procedure fit for purpose to achieve best practice.


  • Effective and strong leadership
  • Fair recruitment, selection and onwards employee advancement.
  • Remuneration to attract high calibre workforce.
  • Culture of excellence.
  • Employee appraisal scheme
  • Performance measurement
  • Training opportunities
  • Management training
  • Rewarding success through employee recognition scheme.
  • Full administration support from head office.
  • Good open communication with the employees by the Leaders to set the tone and direction of the business.


Over the coming three year trading period ending in autumn 2021 our primary fiscal objective is as follows:

To establish Shield Security Services Limited  as the preferred leading independent provider of Security solutions in the market.

Shield’s philosophy

Shield builds lasting relationships with clients

Our clients’ success is our success; we seek to create and maintain lasting relationships based on trust and shared objectives.

Shield is not waiting around for alarms to ring

Shield Security Services adopts a proactive approach to security issues. We stop potential issues from occurring in the first place and limit the damage caused when unavoidable problems arise. By using security management techniques, such as risk analysis, we target and reduce the threat of crime and loss.

Manunta’s Security System

Shield applies Manunta’s diagram to all its operations. Manunta’s diagram of a security system is designed to create a well-protected and safe environment, through the adoption of effective management activities. Manuntas

Shield believes all security operatives should be highly trained

Since incorporation, Shield has been an advocate for the training of individuals in the security industry. All Shield’s staff are experienced and highly trained and Shield offers a range of security training for the wider community.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1252 319 899
Fax: + 44 (0) 1252 329 354
Email: admin@shieldsecurity.co.uk
Address: Shield House, 294 High Street, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU12 4LT, UK.

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Contact Us

Tel: +44 (0) 1252 319 899
Fax: + 44 (0) 1252 329 354
Email: admin@shieldsecurity.co.uk
Address: Shield House, 294 High Street, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU12 4LT, UK.

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Accreditations and Associations