All of our highly trained mobile security officers have now gone through the highest levels of criminal record check ‘Enhanced DBS’.

At Shield we always strive to provide the “very Best” to help customers make safe and effective recruitment decision when employing contracted security services. The comprehensive criminal record checks are there to show clients that our team can work effectively in the public and private sectors including healthcare, social care, education that involve working with vulnerable groups, such as children, or vulnerable adults and the elderly.

Our mobile patrol services can be tailored to your requirements. From random external patrols of your premises, to complete internal patrols; mobile security patrols create a visible deterrent and ensures peace of mind by helping to reduce the opportunity for crimes such as trespassing, vandalism and theft. By having mobile security patrols carried out at random times, there is no fixed routine which makes it very difficult for any would-be criminals.

Our security staff are trained to respond to a wide range of security situations, so if any suspicious or criminal activity does occur you can guarantee a rapid and effective response.

For more information on all our mobile patrol service, please contact 01252 319899