Community partnerships

Community partnerships

Shield Security Services believes in community partnerships that support our local community in a range of social needs.

Are you a local charity or community group? Do you have a worthy cause you would like Shield to support? Email to tell us all about it and we’ll see if we can help you!

Supporting local police

We were the first security company in the region to form a partnership with the police through the Hart District Community Support. As part of this work, we provided a mobile CCTV van to help in the fight against anti-social behaviour. The van has been so successful that it was the subject of a BBC radio news piece. Click below to listen to the interview with our Managing Director, Adil Abdel-Hadi.

Charitable giving

In addition to the above, Shield makes regular efforts to assist charities, such as Cancer Research UK and the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

Bird hide

Shield Security has recently partnered with Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT), to help aid the restoration of the UK’s countryside and to protect the UK’s wildlife.

The initiative, which was first developed by Adil Abdel-Hadi, came after one of his family members made him aware of the amazing work the trust has been doing across the UK. This then spurred Hadi to get in touch with the CRT and to sponsor one of their bird hides at a farm based in Cambridge.

The CRT, which has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, was launched in 1993 by the late conservationist Gordon Beningfield, in response to growing fears about intensive and industrialised farming and the effects it was having on the UK’s countryside and its wildlife.

The bird hide will allow CRT members and birdwatchers alike to take in the UK’s avian delights, which includes barn owls, Kingfishers, Kestrels and Turtledoves (to name just a few).

Adil Abdel-Hadi said:

“Normally we get involved with security initiatives to help our community. However, after a family member (who works at the Trust) made me aware of the great work the Countryside Restoration Trust has done in campaigning for wildlife-friendly farming and preserving the UK’s countryside, I felt it was something as a company we ought to be involved in. I am proud to have become involved with Countryside Restoration Trust and hope to continue the good work.”