Market sectors

At Shield we provide our extensive security solutions across a broad range of market sectors and home owners

Whether you need to protect your business, home, an event, yourself or other individuals, you can trust Shield to help. Below are some of the market sectors we cover, this is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you’re not sure whether Shield can help, contact our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Retail is demanding and fast-paced and we can help safeguard your property, customers, staff and more importantly your reputation. Our services include: shopping centre security, department store security officers, front of shop security team.

Warehouses are often on the outskirts of towns and cities and can be used to store valuable stock items. Dedicated security for these types of sites is essential to monitor and prevent incidents occuring. Speak to us today to see how we can help protect your premises.

Construction sites are more frequently becoming targets for criminal activity – construction materials are valuable to would-be thieves. All aspects of construction sites attract unwanted attention so it’s essential to safe-guard your site with effective security measures. At Shield we offer a complete service from temporary wireless CCTV systems, monitored 24/7 from our control room, to mobile patrols and guarding solutions.

Whether you run a school, college, university of any other type of educational establishment, security will of course be a high priority, to safeguard not only your students and staff, but also protect your premises out of hours. Shield’s services are available 24/7/365 meaning that whether you need security during working hours, or during holiday periods, we are on-hand to protect you.

Hotel and concierge 
We understand the hospitality sector must maintain a high level of customer service, without compromising on security.  By working closely with our customers and using our proactive approach we provide the very best in hospitality security.

Having a security solution in place for your car park is essential, to give both those that use the site and those that run it, peace of mind. Our professional team of security officers are trained to deal with any security threats your site may face.

Having complete peace of mind when it comes to security for your home can often be an out of reach ideal for many. However in today’s busy society more and more of us are looking to protect our property and belongings, especially when we can’t be there to do it ourselves. Using a trusted security supplier to hold keys, respond to an emergency or remotely monitor CCTV can be invaluable for many home owners.

Other sectors we cover:

  • Office buildings and complexes
  • Stately homes/large estates
  • Private homes
  • Car showrooms
  • Marinas
  • Exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Business parks
  • Farms
  • and many more!

In addition to our security services we also offer range of business services that can be incorporated into your security provision or used as an additional resource. Because we’re passionate about providing a complete service to our clients, over the years we have developed our services according to demand and specific client needs. Additional services include reception duties, secure couriers, mailroom services and more. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.