Shield Security have been supplying our site in Slough since May 2020.  Due to the nature of the business it is very important for us to have a reliable security service on site who are able to train their staff and achieve our objectives to a satisfactory level.

Throughout the tender process we were very impressed with the way Shield handled everything. There was a lot of attention to detail during the site visits and when the proposal was issued it was apparent that they had listened to all our requirements. Since the start of the contract we have not had a single complaint and everything that was promised to us was fulfilled.

Their approach is very hands on and this is exactly what we re looking for.  Their mobile patrol team is paying regular visits to our site to ensure everything is running smoothly and the guards are safe.  We have regular KPI meetings with their management team and their response to all queries is very prompt.

Recently we had to shut down our site for the weekend as major electrical work took place so there was no power in the building.  We informed Shield and asked them to put all necessary measures in place to ensure the guards were sufficiently equipped and still able to perform their normal duties.  It is not a standard request  so we were very impressed with the way Shield handled it.

Based on the above, I would be more than happy to recommend Shield Security Services.

Global leaders in Engineering solutions

For over 30 years Shield Security has been trusted by the region’s leading businesses to provide security solutions for businesses and home owners. We are proud to have a range of testimonials from our customers which demonstrate the strength in our relationships.

Janice McNally – Facilities Manager – AVX

I am very happy to give a first class review for Shield Security for the service they have provided to AVX over the last 15 years or more (it’s certainly been a long time!). Shield Security are our key holders, and they are first responder to any alarm activations. Additionally, they undertake the unlock and lockup of our premises every working day, and we have occasionally used 24 hour guarding on-site. We have had no issues whatsoever – we have found their service to be 100% reliable. When we have had alarm activations, the communication from Shield to our own responders has been first class. The daily visits are always followed up by feedback should any unusual situation be discovered such as failed lights, water leaks etc. They have always been able to accommodate our needs should we require their service at weekends or bank holidays. Costwise, we are very happy – their rates are the most reasonable we have found, and have remained static for many years. In summary, professional, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and very nice people to deal with!

Rob Wallace-Facilities Manager-Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd

Toshiba has used Shield Security Services Ltd since 2006, their manned guarding services have been used at a number of our offices and a large warehouse.

Currently Shield Security provides 24/7 manned guarding at Toshiba’s offices in Weybridge in Surrey.

Uniformed officers monitor the CCTV and security systems, control the main reception and entrance in office hours, including greeting visitors and contractors, booking them in and issuing passes and access cards, receiving incoming deliveries and manning the telephone switchboard. Out of hours they are present on-site carrying out a more traditional role of monitoring CCTV and alarm systems and carrying out routine patrols.

Backed up by Shield’s head office and 24 hour control room Shield provides an excellent service, from the management down to the security officers on site.

The security officers work from a detailed assignment instruction document that has been put together by Shield Security in conjunction with Toshiba.

This assignment instruction document is a working document and is regularly audited and amendments made, as service requirements change, it is the benchmark for the service provided by Shield on site.

Apart from a daily occurrence log which each officer completes during the shift, detailed check sheets are in place for each officer to complete against the many tasks, from auditing access cards and keys to taking water temperature checks.  Routine security patrols are logged by an electronic diester system along with regular check calls to the control room, this is followed up by site visits from the control room.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Shield Security Services, based on my experience using them.

Tina Bates – Head of Health, Safety, Security and Safeguarding, Farnborough College of Technology

Farnborough College of Technology has been using the services of Shield Security since 2010 and although we have our own on-site security for during working hours, we use Shield’s mobile patrols, keyholding and emergency response services for out of hours, at weekends and during the holidays.

We also call on Shield to provide us with ad-hoc services for times when extra security is needed on site, particularly when we’re holding events.

We’ve recently had a couple of scenarios where Shield’s help has been invaluable; both involving external contractors being on site to carry out maintenance work. In both situations the works meant we required additional security cover and had to call on Shield at the very last minute.

Initially we had a planned power outage, but due to our back up alarms not being correctly connected, the intruder alarms were sounding during the night. Shield called the engineer who was only able to disable the alarms, which of course left the college unsecured. Shield quickly provided us with a guard to stay on site, to secure the property, until staff returned the following morning.

The second situation saw planned works overrunning and our own security staff leaving for the day. I contacted Shield and they were able to send a guard to us within the hour.  In both instances this level of response was invaluable.

We have over 2000 students on site and naturally are an extremely busy college. With my remit for the security of the entire site, staff and students, visitors and contractors knowing I can pick up the phone to Shield at any time day or night, and that they will always be able to support me, is hugely comforting.

I’m supremely confident in Shield and their reliability makes my job just that little bit easier.

A prestigious shopping centre management company

“Shield Security has now been at the centre since 2007 and during this period they have continued to impress us with their commitment to quality.”

“The Shield officers utilised on our site are of the highest quality – they communicate well with us on a day-to-day operational basis, as well as assisting us to achieve our long term requirements.”

“The officers and ourselves receive excellent support from the management team at Shield, which allows us to focus on our core business.”

“Our officers allow us to maintain a high profile with their professionalism and attention to detail – they are ambassadors not only for Shield Security Services but also for our brand.”

A blue chip mobile phone company

“We have had a contractual relationship with Shield Security for over five years and have received excellent service. The contract has been reviewed several times and both the terms and delivery have been competitive. We have extended our contract to cover an additional site.”

“Shield provides 24/7 static officers for our sites. They display high standards of integrity and commitment to us, and provide other business critical functions, such as first aid.”

“Shield have proved reliable and highly accessible at a senior level with a genuine ‘can do’ approach to problem solving when additional services have been required”

A major property management company

“Shield has consistently deployed officers who have demonstrated an ability to combine assignment instructions with a courteous and intelligent approach with the residents”

“Shield has promoted a general ambience of assurance within the community that the protection of the estate and the welfare of its residents are of paramount importance”

“We have developed a confidence in Shield’s ability to react with alacrity and purpose on those occasions when it has been needed and has mattered”

“Shield has been consistent in providing a high standard of customer care, communication and flexibility”

“Shield has provided us with security which combines the qualities of a traditional ‘concierge’ service with a robustness which we feel is necessary”